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Edited: 9/12/06- Just talked to Tora at the Midwives Birth Center. The co-op is on hold for re-organization. They plan to re-start at the beginning of next year in a new and improved space!
I will post when I get more specifics :)

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Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new food coop getting started here in Anchorage. Here is the message I got on another list:

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Organic Food Co-op in Anchorage every Tuesday!

Location: The Midwives Birth Center on LaTouche and Northern Lights

Description: Every Tuesday from 9 to 4, come purchase a variety of organic fruits and vegetables in a family-supportive, AP atmosphere. You will be amazed at the prices and the quality of this fine food. Treat your body and soul every Tuesday! Enjoy!
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This is in that little mall between Village Inn and Fred Meyer. I think the hours are more like 10-6, but you can call the birth center first if you need to know for sure. Also, if anyone is interested in helping get the coop organized, send me a PM and I'll pass your info on to the organizers.

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