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Organic Soil for Seedlings???

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I want to plant some organic tomatoes and eggplant this year and would like to start them indoors now to be ready to go into the garden as small plants. I have the seeds and some planting containers but when I went to buy potting soil I couldn't find anything that didn't contain non-organic fertilizer materials. I did find some outside container soil that is organic but it's not potting soil per say. Can I use this and add some organic fertilizer material to make it work as potting soil? What can I add? Or should I just use as is? Please advise!
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I really like Black Gold organic potting soil.

To make soil adequate for seeds, I think you can just run it through a colander to remove the big clumps- what you want is a uniform consistency that holds moisture well enough that the seeds don't dry out between waterings.
Oh OK I will try that thanks!

I was surprised I couldn't find organic potting soil around here, I'll have to see if Black Gold has a website and see if there is a source for it nearby for next time - the place I went to had a ton of different organic soil for ground and outside container planting but no "potting" soil.
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We start our seeds in a mixture of peat moss and vermiculite. They arent labeled organic, but I dont see how it can contain anything harmful. Soiless mixes generally are much better for germinating seeds than potting soils. They are much cheaper and safer if you mix them yourself.
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