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Organization for science 'stuff'

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I have a designated shelf for our science items, but I cannot find a way to keep them organized because many of them are too small. Jeweler's loops, tweezers, rubber bands, balloons, toothpicks...all little items. When I try putting them in small rubbermaid-type boxes, then I inevitably have to move three boxes to get to the one that I want.

Any ideas???
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What about a tackle box or a drawer organizer like for silverware.
Brilliant! That also makes it easier when we are taking things on the go--no need to have a set at home and one in the car. Perfect!
My first thought was... That stuff can BE organized?
Seriously, I have gotten to the point I don't put it away anymore. The kids are always using a magnifying glass for something or a magent or....

Good luck though!
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