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In celebration of International Midwives' Day, and as event coordinator for the Montréal Premiere screening of ORGASMIC BIRTH (slated for Wednesday May 6th @ 7pm), I am thrilled to announce the presence of Jack Newman, Canada's own "breastfeeding guru", as well as New Jersey-based birth expert and filmmaker Debra-Pascali-Bonaro, on the discussion panel to follow the film. Jack's work and study on birth practices with regards to breastfeeding success (or not...) is monumental and a wonderful tie-in to the field of perinatality (and to this film). And Debra actually did her BA at McGill, so she is excited to be returning to her university-days "stomping ground"
and to be joining us for the Montréal screening event for her film !

Also on the panel will be Ottawa midwife Betty-Anne Daviss (Johnson and Daviss 2005 BMJ homebirth study), and Montréal midwife Céline Lemay.

Women who have had ecstatic birth experiences, themselves, will also be on the panel, and will be sharing their experiences. And Lysane Grégoire of Groupe MAMAN will be presenting their Manifesto concerning Women's Maternity rights.

Following are two links for separate versions of the Promotional Press Release (one in English, one in French) for Montréal's upcoming ORGASMIC BIRTH screening event. Please do forward on to all your relevant lists and contacts throughout Québec and Ontario :

in English :
en français :

For your journalist/media-related contacts, please e-mail me and I will send you the higher-resolution 'long-version' pdf file as an attachment for you to send on.

**All profits from the evening will be going to the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic, and to Groupe MAMAN.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing some of you at the screening. Please let me know if you will be attending.

Emma Kwasnica
Event Coordinator, Birth/Breastfeeding Advocate
[email protected]
(514) 656-1560

Facebook Event Page :

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Connect with Holistic Perinatal Associates, Le Maison Bleu, Alternative Naissance and Safe Labour International. Group MAMAN should have those contacts somewhere. I worked on the Business of Being Born Screening with tremendous success. We found that engaging students was really effective, reaching out to health care practitioners in the hospital and working together was really effective. I am not in Mtl anymore, but bon chance!
Its great that you have french subtitles. That is something we really wish we could have had for our screening. It is so important to cater towards both languages.
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