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Orion's Birthday Party on 9/3

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Think of it as the MDC picnic, part 2!

I know this is Labor day weekend, but I don't think I started planning soon enough to do it early, and I don't want to do it late, so this date it is!

I am going to copy Tiff as I figure doing a late afternoon potluck is the best idea. Also, to keep with the trend, presents are TOTALLY optional.

Here are the details:

Gabriel Park ( ) The play structure is right off of Vermont.

4pm to whenever

Please bring something to share. I will update when I figure out what we are bringing besides a cake.

Dress for mess! We will be doing some crafts that might involve paint, but markers at the very least!
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Putting it on the calendar! Usually we go camping, but I think that is going to be cancelled because of $

I think that a park is a good plan, the weather will likely be great!
Did you ever find any pics of you guys at the fashion show? We were so wiped out from that!
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Damn, we switched Aspen's birthday party from the 27th of August(because there's a Tool concert that night
) to the 3rd of September!
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Whooo you know we'll be there!

We have a meeting in the morning but later afternoon works great.

Creston Park in SE is really really nice, there's a pool and lots of shade and ... wait for it ... a leash-free doggie park.
we are SO there!
Jessica, sorry to hear you won't make it camping, but will be glad to see you at the party! We have also been bummed to not do all the camping we wanted to this year, but hopefully next summer will be better. Did you know there is an AP camping yahoogroup? I haven't seen any pictures of me, but I know the lady from Chic Papoose has some. I will just bug her until she sends them to me! We were also so drained. I hardly every get headaches, but I had one that night! I think it was being in that small, hot, noisy backstage area for so long.

Wendy, my first thought was, Let's do it together! Then I realized Aspen is probably way too old to want to share his party with a 2 year old.
Or anyone for that matter. Orion doesn't know the difference right now.

Jenn, I don't know where you get your energy being such a new mama! I would love to use a more central location, but I am afraid to as I am still planning to get Orion a nap that day. So we will be rushing out to set up I am sure. I am going to try to go look at some parks today when he wakes up.
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lisa: it's not central to anyone except us hillsboro area mamas, but rood bridge park is gorgeous and has a wonderful covered pavilion right on the patio next to the kids playground structures. it's a nice destination park, too, as there are trails in the back portion of the park and a cool manmade creek area across the parking lot that i usually see older kids splashing around in. it's over by hillsboro high school (hilhi) on rood bridge road near meriwether golf course.

Thanks Claudia. That is really tempting. I have always been interested to check that park out, but I think I will try for something more central first. I may still be interested though. I found out today that only 3 of the Beaverton Parks are reservable, and I was not impressed with any of them. Do you happen to know if either of the 2 smaller areas are near the play structure? I also have Gabriel Park and Summerlake in mind, but I want to call and find out the same thing (if the reserve areas are near the play area). Summerlake might also be bad if the water is too close to the play area.... We need to go do a few more visits.
We'll be there with bells on!!!!!

What are Orion's interests? What items do you want/need that you do not already have? What book, clothing, etc stores do you like...? Just thinking present/certificate ideas...
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Just so everybody knows, you soooo do not need to bring gifts, but I guess I should give some specs for those that might want to. We are trying to move away from plastic toys, but I am not militant about that. He really doesn't need clothes - we got a ton of stuff that will last him awhile from a friend in CA, but he is right on target for wearing 2T. We are not doing any reading type toys at this point as we agree with the Waldorf approach about that. He likes just about everything - trucks, trains, animals, puzzles. Hey, get him a drum!
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I'd like to come.
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Yay, Aubrey! We will have to make one of the activities a contest for your favor.

So I would love to get some opinions on a park I have in mind. I have a tentative hold at Raleigh Hills. Of all the places I have looked at (that are reservable), it has the best setup of the tables being near the play structure. BUT, there is also a community swimming pool there, and you can see it from the area. Do you think some of the kids will get fixated on the pool? I can't afford to turn it into a swim party because each person would have to be paid for. I asked if there were any group rates available, but there are not.

I am also considering Gabriel Park, but the play area there is pretty close to Vermont, which is quite busy. I am not thrilled about that either.

I haven't been out to Rood Bridge yet, but I would feel bad having it so far East.
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D'oh, do I not get to go to any of the September bday parties?
My parents are coming up that weekend, and we're going up to Poulsbo, WA to visit some supercool relatives. *sniffle* Mega bummed...
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OK, after much driving around, I have reserved the tables near the play structure at Gabriel Park. That is in SW Portland for those of you not familiar with the area - almost right across the street from Peanut Butter and Ellie's.

If we can figure out something for a grill, I might do veggie burgers, but I may just leave it as an all around potluck and make sure I bring a variety of things.

I am also working on a couple of awesome craft ideas, so please let me know if you are coming so I can buy the right amount of stuff. I will go put an update in the first post now!
Well, I'm still planning on coming. I'll surely have my 8 month old & my 8 yr old, & who ever knows about the teen & the DP. :p Potluck always works for me.
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i am always down for a potluck.
and crafts.. well we ere going to have kids paint t-shirts and plant seeds, but that didnt go as planned... so if you wanna use those ideas.. feel free!
Silly me. I just PM'd you Tiff, asking how the crafts went.

One of the crafts I have planned is a drum! How fitting for us, eh?

I was thinking of trying to do two. Who was it that had the puffy paints? If people want to bring shirts, that would certainly be easy enough. I will probably also cover one of the tables with paper and let them go at it with crayons or maybe even paint. Guess I should add a dress for mess warning.
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We'd love to come to another toddler party!
DD has become quite the party animal lately.
It will just be myself & dd as poor papa has to work just about every weekend this Summer.
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Yay! Looks like we will have a few folks anyway. Just enough for a party.

And Jenn, I keep forgetting to tell you there is an off leash dog area at Gabriel. I am all for bringing the furry man if you want.
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