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Orlando area Moms: Anyone know anything about the Birth Place in Winter Garden?

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I am 4 weeks pregnant and have just started to look into birthing centres . . . my DS was born at Arnold Palmer and it's not an experience I really want to have to repeat. The Birth Place in Winter Garden would be the obvious choice for us since we live very close, but I just wanted to see if anyone here had any feedback on it before we arranged to go and visit.

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I don't know about that one but I like Heart 2 Heart Birth Center.
I have heard MANY wonderful things about them. Jennie Joseph has a great reputation. I had a friend that worked there as an assistant for a while before she moved away. She had a great experience and had nothing but wonderful things to say.

I had my first homebirth when I lived in Winter Garden.....3yrs ago TODAY.

I used Kelli Johnson a GREAT homebirth midwife!!
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Jennie Joseph is an amazing woman. She's very dynamic and seems to be a very competent midwife. I've never seen her work, though, just met her at meetings.
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I'm currently "due" (we always add a week because our others were all a week "late") on 7/7/07 - I'm using Michelle Gwane at Heart to Heart Birth Center. We live in Davenport which is much closer to the Birth Place but I just didn't click there.

My dh is really ticked off that the midwife is 1hr away if you're driving 80MPH all the way!!!
But Michelle and Del Marie have been the perfect fit for me.

I gave birth to our ds #2 at Special Beginings, of which Michelle was a founding partner. We got the news that it was closing in November - the same time we found out we were having our 3rd babe!!

Anyway H2H is worth the drive for us. plus you'd have the benifit of delivering in the "off season" for babies - (the summer has the highest birth rates of all the seasons) My SIL and brother also chose to go with H2H after searching out area hospitals etc - after one meeting they knew that Michelle was the one. She's very intelligent, experienced, caring, compassionate and overly quallified as a midwife!!!

There have been other moms coming to H2H all the way from Palm Coast!! And I thought I had a long way to drive?!

For me the Birth Place wasn't enough like Special Beginings - which I loved - and I'm no particularlly happy about the traffic on Plant Street - It took us 30 min just to get into the parking lot from 429 . . . It's only a mile or two down the road but the traffic was non stop.

I think that really did have an impact on me because I was most likely going to have to drive myself in with our two boys and then hope my husband gets there in time.
Granted now my dh's schedule has calmed down a bit so he or a neighbor will probably drive me n my 2!

Godd Luck and Congratulations!!!!
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Off topic, sorry, but we are moving to Ocoee in August.. how far from Ocoee is Winter Garden? We, too, are pregnant (due in Jan) and Im def. having another homebirth
Ocoee & Winter Garden are neighboring even if you are at the far end of one to the far end of the other....maybe 15 minutes

If you are looking for a homebirth midwife than I would contact Kelli Johnson She is one of the few left in the area.
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oh okay, thanks... We are so lost to the area.. Im driving down on Tuesday to look for ds a preschool.. aghhh..
No problem. We lived in that area for 8 years. PM me if you need any info.

Attachment Parenting of Central FL has a yahoo group with several moms in the Winter Garden/Ocoee area.
Thats great to know. Im def. going to get back into going to the API meetings once ds is in school. Found out today we must be in the house by the 28th of July lol.. They really wanted us in by the 20th but NO way is that going to happen.. we only have 9 boxes packed lolol.. and 8.5 people to pack for!!! aghh! Im freaking out big time.. Anyways, sorry for rambling, does the API of Central FL have a yahoo group? Are there any natural parenting playgroups in the area?
Thanks for the input everyone, I'm definitely going to go with the Birth Place as a first line of inquiry since a couple of you have heard good things. I'm not worried about travel time since I travel on Plant Street frequently, and it takes me about 12 minutes from my house whereas Sanford seems to take 50-60 minutes!

Tiffany - yep, Ocoee and Winter Garden are right next to each other. I live about 15 minutes from Ocoee so let me know if you need any help with anything!

ETA: Am I right in thinking I've seen you on the Montessori board? If you're interested in info on Montessori schools in the area, let me know, as my DS is on the waitlist for one now and I've visited a couple.
Catherine.. def interested in the Montessori schools. we are currently driving ourselves insane trying to find a nice one nearby for ds that isnt too outrageous in price.. We are going to be living so close.. we will need to meet up after I get settled in down there. One of my bigger fears is that I will get down there and everyone will be so mainstream that I will be a complete outsider lol.. even though Im not super super crunchy (just moderately so lol.. if I were rich, Id probably be super crunchy
Anyways, Im just glad to know there are like minded people nearby. All the Montessori schools I keep pulling up are like 20+ miles away and stuff.. is this normal? Just something I need to learn to live with or are there options nearby I just cant find online?? LOL.. We signed the lease today and will be living in Ocoee on June 28th (although we have to legally take up occupancy on June 20 lol)
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CONGRATS!! I don't know if you remeber me i met you last aug in orlando.. anyhoo congrats! how is Asher doing??

hope you are both doing well!
I just wanted to add that cathy rudolf from special beginnings is now at the Birth as far as midwives you can't go wrong. They are both wonderful, and I know a few doulas who higly reccomend it.
Tiffany and Jackie: I'm going to pm you both during Asher's nap time.

Heidi: Thanks for the info, I'm going to call them first thing tomorrow.
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I'm currently under the care of Cathy Rudolph and Jennie Joseph at The Birth Place and can't say enough great things about them. They've just been SO supportive, caring, informative and professional during this pregnancy, which is far more than I can say for my previous HCPs (Advanced OBGYN in Leesburg). They really don't mind addressing any of our concerns at any hour of the day, and are always willing to guide us to make informed choices. Jennie is an amazing woman and midwife who has worked tirelessly to normalize birth in C. FL. Now with Cathy having brought her experience from Special Beginnings, they make an amazing duo and prenatal visits are always a blast! The staff is genuine, caring, and the care itself is personal and individualized. It's the first time I've been to an office where they remember the names of my DH and DS, and don't have to check the chart every 5 minutes to remember my history.

We live in Leesburg and gladly travel 35-45 minutes down the turnpike and 429 to The Birth Place. If you're looking for an awesome birth center experience I would HIGHLY recommend them!

BTW, my 2 1/2 year old should be starting at Lake Montessori in August. They've been highly recommended by many people in our area, and the cost is reasonable. The website is if you're interested.
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Not sure if any of you are still reading this thread, but it's great to "meet" other ladies who are in the area and/or are "using" Jennie! I am due in January and have been waiting to be able to go to her for two years! Love her and her staff and have some good friends who I've also referred there. Don't you love their new building, too?
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