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Really hard pregnancy with hyperemesis. Hospitalized briefly with contractions at 26 weeks due to dehydration & UTI.<br><br>
I switched to a midwife (CNM) at about 27 weeks, after all the reading I had done just made it really clear to me that I wasn't going to be able to have a natural birth with an OB.<br><br>
I lost my mucus plug at 30 weeks. The midwife said it was no big deal and I probably had only lost part of it.<br><br>
On November 4th I was 32 weeks 1 day. I woke up at 3:30 AM with some blood. I called the midwife. She asked a few questions, was I having contractions (no) and the other one I remember was if I'd had intercourse in the last 24 hours. No. She said go to the hospital, we'll hook you up to a monitor and do an ultrasound just to be sure everything is fine, then probably send you home.<br><br>
The hospital was a bit of a drive. We were a few minutes away when I started feeling warm down there & thought I was bleeding more. I leaned the seat back. We got there & I got out of the car & put my hand on the warm area & it was clear, it was not blood. And more water started coming.<br><br>
In triage , at 5 AM, while I was changing into the gown & trying to pee in the cup my water was breaking everywhere.<br><br>
They called the midwife & of course she said she would have to transfer me to her backup OB. At this point I was envisioning weeks in the hospital attached to an IV and tocolytics, ending with a C/S. Ugh.<br><br>
Sat in triage and a resident came & did the ultrasound. "The baby is head down," she said. And there was still some fluid in there, also good news.<br><br>
I was starting to have contractions. MY DH was really great with supporting me through them. It was 6:30 when they moved us to a room finally, & the contractions kept moving right along. I was wondering when they were going to try to stop my labor, but no one seemed to notice that I was IN labor except DH.<br><br>
They put a heplock in my hand & hooked me up to the monitor. About as soon as that was done I had to use the bathroom & DH unplugged me from the machine. When I'd been in the hospital briefly at 26 weeks we had both come to hate the monitor with a passion & so we had no qualms about this.<br><br>
I had lots of good contractions in the bathroom and I could feel the baby moving down in my pelvis. DH would support me through one, run out to write down the time, & could barely make it back for the next one. 2-3 minutes apart. It was 7:15 AM.<br><br>
After I came out of the bathroom, every 15 minutes or so a nurse would come by & move the monitor around until she found a heartbeat, then leave us alone again. I did get a betamethasone shot at some point.<br><br>
I got really hot during transition, I remember.<br><br>
The dr. came in to introduce herself while I was getting the shot, she said she'd come back in a few minutes when I wasn't getting something done to me. Also they started hanging the antibiotics and started the IV. I was starting to have to grunt during the contractions (I'd been totally quiet during them before this.) And then I said, "I feel like bearing down." The nurse said "I'll get the dr. " and ran out of there.<br><br>
Well suddenly the place was a zoo. The Dr. ran in & told me not to push yet, I could damage my cervix. But then she looked & saw I was complete & started telling me what to do to push. I wanted to stand up or squat but she said "We can't do that with a 32 week baby." People from NICU came & hid behind a curtain like a bunch of firemen waiting for a fire to start. My husband was the only one I could pay attention to, he was down there watching everything and telling me during pushes what he could see & that I was doing a fine job.<br><br>
At one point between contractions he said "Look you can see it now!" And I looked down and I could see the head halfway out. This was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Black curly hair and pointy looking.<br><br>
At 8:41 AM after about 15 minutes of concerted effort by me my son was born. He was nice and red and was crying, I was so glad he was breathing. He was handed off to the NICU folks straightaway & DH went behind the curtain to see what they would do with him. The dr. and I had a nice chat while she was waiting for the placenta to come out. She gave me a notion of what to expect with a 32 week baby. I was full of adrenalin and just amazed that all of this had happened so quickly.<br><br>
DH came back after the placenta was out & held my hand while I got a few stitches. The shots I got before the stitches were one of the worst things, OUCH. The dr. hummed while she was doing the stitches. This made me laugh.<br><br>
I was up and walking in very little time. It seemed like birth had been so quick & easy compared to the hours & hours all my friends had spoken of! I was probably in labor for 3 hours from start to finish.<br><br>
So that's my birth story. The only things I was sad about regarding the birth was that I didn't get to hold & bond with the baby when I was born, & that I didn't get to push in my chosen position & manner. I would have preferred not to be in the hospital (we were planning birth center) but of course in this situation there was no way around it.<br><br>
Baby O was in the NICU for 6 weeks with breathing trouble, and that was far worse than anything else. He was on home oxygen for 8 weeks after that. He is doing fine now & other than being 2 months smaller than other babies, you wouldn't know he had come so early.<br><br>
If it had just been the hyperemesis, I might do it again after the memory of all the puking faded. But with the NICU stay, this may well be our only biological child.
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