Oscha Slings are perfect for the 4th Trimester and beyond

As research continues to suggest that baby wearing is beneficial to mothers and babies, more mamas are turning to baby wearing as they raise their littles. Ring slings and wraps are popular, and rightly so. They offer skin-to-skin contact, bonding and better breastfeeding opportunities, and they allow busy mothers to tackle their lives hands-free but with baby ever-present. Plus, they provide health benefits for mothers as they add extra weight to daily routines, and give workout benefits from just loving on your little one. Baby slings and wraps are indeed the next best thing to being in the womb.

And there are some beautiful wraps and ring slings out there! One of our all-time favorite companies is Oscha, an environmentally conscious and committed company that is nearing a decade of offering the most gorgeous wraps and ring slings to parents around the world. Better, they do so with a focus on being good stewards of the earth's resources, and good humans to boot.

Oscha Organic Woven Wraps and Ring Slings Are Perfect for The Fourth Trimester

Clinicians suggest that babies experience a 'fourth trimester' right after they're born. They've spent the previous 'trimesters' in their mothers' wombs, and they've depended solely on them for development and survival. Once they're born, babies are helpless and dependent still and adjusting to their new environment outside of their mothers' wombs. Clinicians have deemed the three or four months after a baby is born a 'fourth trimester,' a time in which a baby learns how to adapt to life outside of their mother's body and in this new world to which they've been born.
Oscha slings are great for the 4th Trimester

And that's where Oscha's beautiful wraps and ring slings so brilliantly take care of babies. Once they're born, babies no longer have the safety and security of their mothers' wombs. The Moro reflex is a perfect picture where babies instinctively fear falling when they are unsupported. It's believed that the Moro Reflex once helped babies cling to their mothers, and shows that newborns instinctively need to be securely held and carried after they are born. Oscha's wraps and ring slings are a soft and gorgeous way for mothers to recreate safe, womb-like conditions for their babies to spend that crucial fourth trimester.

The Oscha Sling Difference

There are a lot of slings and wraps available to mothers, but they're not all created equally. Oscha began as CEO and co-founder Zoe Masters teamed up with her father Mike to create the unique, hand-made slings and wraps loved world-wide. Mike had worn Zoe as a young girl and Zoe wore her own children, including her own twin boys.

The Scotland-based father/daughter duo knew they didn't want to just make any carriers, though. They wanted to use responsibly sourced and organic yarns to be gentle for baby's delicate skin. Each Oscha Sling and Wrap is handmade, and with parents in mind. The patterns are gorgeous, woven so parents can also feel stylish while so gently and carefully carrying their children and the yarns. Additionally, they wanted to be sure the sources of their yarns were from farms that offered better and healthier working conditions for farmers.
Oscha slings and carriers use sustainable farming and ethical practices

Good stewards of the earth that the Oscha team is, they wanted to responsibly source yarn using sustainable practices and holding all their yarn suppliers to their own high standards.

When you wrap your little one in an Oscha wrap or sling, you're using mulesing-free wools and viscose fibers that are produced using a closed loop system like Tencel. They come from sustainable crops like hemp and linen, and most importantly, Oscha's care and concern for the people part of each step of an Oscha wrap or sling shows in the quality and craftsmanship of each final product.

Oscha's Ethics Are Unparalleled

Few companies in this world are as committed to their place on this earth and in community. While they are growing in number, Oscha has led the way. Their workshop and office in Scotland is powered entirely by the sun. That's right-solar panels provide their power, and with the 54 percent more electricity generated than they need, they graciously give it back to their national grid to help homes and businesses in their communities in Scotland. In the last year alone, they stopped 3,848 pounds of carbon from going into the atmosphere!
Oscha slings practices are unparalleled in the sling world

Oscha wraps and slings are woven and finished in England and then ever-so-carefully stitched in Scotland where they take pride in paying the living wage and making sure their suppliers do the same. There is no waste in production; every bit of the gorgeous fabric is used in the slings and wraps or sold as scraps for crafters who covet the breathtaking patterns. Any pieces too small to use are recycled.

But we love that each sale of an Oscha Wrap or Sling means re-forestation of the Scottish Highlands. Oscha contributes to a growing grove in the Caledonian Forest. Working with Trees For Life, purchases help the grove produce trees that will be planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands so they'll be able to become forests housing homes for wildlife of the future.

Wrap or Sling? There's Something for Everyone

The only problem with Oscha is that you'll want them all. No, seriously, you'll want every gorgeous pattern. They're all inspired by art, nature and their gorgeous Scottish landscape and they're so soft and easy to use. Oscha has videos to show the versatility their slings and wraps offer for the fourth trimester and beyond, and all you have to do is decide what best fits your needs and fashion desires.
Oscha slings are beautifully designed

Whether it's the Starry Night Ocean, the Sekai Sail, the Starry Night Midnight or any of the other stunning wraps in their organic wrap line you can be sure that there's a pattern that's meant to cradle you and your babe in sustainable, ethically-produced love.

If you prefer ring slings, we adore the Rei Harbour Ring Sling, the Starry Night Nebula Ring Sling and the Sekai Amici Ring Sling, but every ring sling in their collection is magical.

Oscha also designs and produces soft carriers and since the world of baby wearing can be overwhelming to new (or seasoned, even) moms, they've got a great quiz that assesses your needs and helps point you in the right direction for your perfect baby wearing match. With this handy-dandy guide, you can find the perfect carrier for your newborn to preschooler, and for needs that range from simply snuggling or long walks in nature. If you're just looking to browse their sling options the simple sling guide is just the thing. Plus, there are tutorials that walk you through every part of the baby wearing process.
Oscha slings are good for moms and dads

Oscha has generously offered Mothering readers a 10 percent discount code (MOTHERING10). It's valid in the United States and Canada and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. But, it expires May 30, 2019, so if you've been thinking you want to jump into the world of elegant and still durable wraps, slings and carriers made with ethically sourced practices and products, now is the time. The discount means you don't have to pick just one!