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I just learned about this new way to pay (or get paid) for things<br>
today - it's called TextPayMe. You can check it out here:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
You can use it to pay your friends for little things you owe, or to<br>
pay strangers without having to log on to PayPal. The company also<br>
mentions using it for Craigslist payments. There's a lot of<br>
information at the site. I was a little skeptical, but I did some<br>
research (they have a blog with LOTS more information than I saw on<br>
the site - I think you can find the link at the bottom of their site).<br><br>
Right now you get $5 for signing up, too!! I love this! I remember<br>
seeing that PayPal did that when they were first starting up, but I<br>
wasn't too sure about PP then, either. :-D Then when I was finally<br>
ready to sign up, the limited time offer was up. :-(<br><br>
They recommend using this at yard sales, too - I think it would be<br>
useful for businesses, too!!<br><br>
Another thing - if you sign up and then refer 36 people by March 18th<br>
(which is their extended deadline - wish I'd found out about this<br>
sooner), you can get an XBOX! I saw that one guy even got 3!! Not that<br>
I want another video game system here, but I guess we could always<br>
give it to a nephew or sell it on eBay. ;-p<br><br>
Oh, and you can request payment, too. You do need to be able to use<br>
text messaging on your cell, though, so if you can't, don't even<br>
bother trying to sign up.<br><br>
I signed up today and got an IMMEDIATE text message that it was<br>
working, and then another that I had $5!! Nice and easy!! I'm hoping<br>
my parents will sign up for this (hi Mom and Dad!) so that I can<br>
easily send them my monthly business loan payments instead of having<br>
to write and send them a check each month. :-D<br><br>
Anyway, check them out! The link again is <a href="" target="_blank"></a> -<br>
and if you earn an XBOX, let me know!<br><br>
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