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My family and I are planning a move to North Platte, Nebraska around April of this year for my husband's work. My only problem is that I can't find ANY midwives on Google in that area. I had some hope that maybe through word of mouth and other natural-minded moms on this board, I could potentially find someone familiar with having babies at home who lives around there.

Just for some history, I have two children, both of whom were home births, one assisted by a midwife in training, one unassisted. I am 4 months along with my third child and would love to get to know some natural moms from North Platte, or around that area 😊 I grew up attending my family friends' home births and am very familiar with the whole scene.

I would even be willing to talk on the phone to anyone who had advice. I know that the laws aren't very favorable in NE for midwives delivering babies at home.

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