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What are you doing above and beyond having the media and the mamas there? I want to be as prepared as I can be in the short time I have left.

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Have you downloaded and made copies of the Press kit? You need one for each media person there.

Have you downloaded the Logisitics sheet, reviewed it, put in your information, and made a few copies to have on hand?

Have you registered your site on the Yahoo Official Site List and Directory?

Stickers, T-shirts ready?

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Updated List of Sites for Nurse-In!!!


Still want to attend the Nurse-In on Tuesday, Nov 21.

Just show up at the Delta Counter at 10:00 am, at any one of the "official" sites listed below:

("official" just means that there will definately be at least a few people there, and press releases were sent to local media. So you can be sure you won't be alone if you go)

There are 31 official sites now!!!

Official Nurse-In Sites

1. Ancorage AK ANC

2. Tucson AZ Tucson International

3. Phoenix AZ

4. Sacramento CA

5. San Francisco CA

6. Hartford CT Bradley International

7. Ft. Lauderdale FL Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport

8. Boise ID

9. Indianapolis IN Indianapolis International

10. Atlanta GA Hartsfield/Jackson

11. Indianapolis IN Indianapolis International

12. Louisville KY SDF and Louisville Interanational

14. Baltimore MD BWI

15. Boston MA Logan International

16. Detroit MI Detroit Metro DTW

17. Manchester NH Manchester-Boston

18. Santa Fe NM ABQ

19. Las Vegas NV LAS

20. Reno NV

21. Manchester NH Manchester-Boston

22. New York John F. Kennedy

23. Columbus OH Port Columbus

24. Portland OR PDX

25. Harrisburg PA HIA

26. Nashville TN Nashville Airport

27. Dallas/Fort Worth Tx

28. Houston TX

29. Virginia Dulles

30. Virginia Reagan International

31. Vermont BTV

_*Tentative sites*_ (these sites may have only one or two families
currently, we need more attendees and organizers)
You might want to check with the Yahoo group for more information.

California airports all in need of more attendees and organizers
Santa Barbara
Daytona FL -Datona IA
Atlanta GA -ATL
Savannah Hilton Head International
Twin Cities MN -MSP
Jackson MS
New Jersey -Atlantic City Airport
New York- LaGuardia
Philadelphia PA -PIA
Texas (help!)
El Paso
VA Newport News
Vermont Manchester- ALB (Albany NY)
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