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others in the same boat

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Wow.. I too am comforted to know there are others out there. Well, I feel bad for all you sleep deprived families but I know my DS is not insane.
I, on the other hand, am a different story. DS is only 6 mos but I don't know how I can go on much longer like this... this sleep deprivation has be in such a severe depression that I do not enjoy my baby one bit anymore and I don't see an end to it!! I'm really hoping someone comes up with some kind of solution for these non-sleep babies, I am so desperate. (I'm alone here, DH works long hours and there is no break, ever)
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Oh no.. I clicked on new thread when I meant to click on reply!!!
Is there a way to move my message to the thread: What would you make of this nighttime behaviour?
i get your tiredness, ds 1 didnt sleep much till he was about 4 years old, when ds 2 was born for the first 4 months i was night nursing both of them - in separate rooms as they disturbed each other otherwise and sleep was even worse!!

i understand sleep deprivation

i know this is cliche but can you sleep in the day whenhe does, or move a tv into the bedroom, snuggle up with a good film and nurse your baby and relax, i know housework is a pressure but how about having every other day as a housework day and the others as rest days?

tell me more about how things are
Sister, you are NOT alone. I am so exhausted and cranky, I work pt and ahve an 8mo old and a 8 year old. I tried putting my dd into the pack n play at the foot of the bed last night. She kicks and rolls in her sleep and neither my dh and I are getting any sleep. However, when I moved her out of the bed, my dh tells me he doesn't mind her being with us. He's not the one nursing her at night and I try to let him get as much sleep as possible. He works much longer hours and has a long commute. I bought the "No Cry Sleep Solution" book this weekend.
I feel so unfair to my oldest dd who doesn't get as much of my time because I am cranky and tired from not sleeping and I don't have alot of patience.
I don't remember being this way with her but I was a lot younger
I'd still do it a hundred times over. She's so darn cute!
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