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OUCH -- blister on my nipple!!

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We're battling some thrush (after abx for a double ear infection). My nipples look fine other than a small, painful blister on one. Is the blister related to the thrush? What else could it be?

It's annoying to be having problems at 7 months -- lol!!

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I noticed this with my first 6 babes--the blistering at first anyways when they were nb's. But, with my 7th, I never had any blistering issues or any other real problems.
I think it could be the positioning,or possibly the amount of areola the babe is taking into her mouth??? It seemed to make a huge difference to me,as I have huge boobs and areolas!

Yes, they can be related to thrush---it's called a milk bleb or milk blister. All I can say is OUCH. They can really be painful
You might call a LLL leader to ask what the treatment is. Mine went away on its own (or perhaps it was the thrush treatment??). I did hot compresses to see if it would pop---my mw said she has known mamas to pop them w/a sterile needle. I hate needles, so I couldn't see me doing that! Possible infection should be watched. I know you can do very warm compresses then immediately put baby to breast. Pay really close attention to latch. If possible, arrange for her to not put the most pressure where the bleb's tricky! Blisters can also be caused by plugged ducts or skin covering the duct. I also had an inflamed Montgomery gland, so I've been down this road a few times.....

There are several other causes of blisters, but since you have thrush, I'd say it's a bleb. Hope it heals on its own soon!!!!
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I just had a blister on my nipple for the first time a couple of weeks ago...OUCH! Mine wasn't related to thrush, but here is what I did...soaked it a couple of times a day in warm salt water--then patted it dry. Left it open to the air as much as possible, and I put Lansinoh on it at night. Mine was from allowing my son to nurse with a poor latch while I was sleeping
Check your baby's positioning and latch just to make sure it's good.
sorry you are having to deal with this...Feel better soon, mama
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