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OUCH! I need some help

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dd is 16 months old and I've started cramping while she nurses in the last few days. Its on the right side about level with my hip bone.

My period ended just over a week ago so I was thinking that it might be ovulation. Its odd to me though that it would happen pretty much only when she nursing. It does happen other times though as well.

If it means anything she was born by c-section.

So any idea what this could be?
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Read this link:

It says Mittelschmertz usually last about 8 hours, 48 at the most. If it is going on for several days, it may not be simple ovulatory pain.

I'd hate to think it could be something serious (ie: an infection or heaven forbid, an ectopic pregnancy). Did you have sex? Could you be getting PG?
would an ectopic preg show positive if I tested?
I don't think its ovulation because I took an o test and it was neg
I'm not an expert, but I think yes. Call your gyno!
I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.

Also the pain is all but gone today. So it basically last 3.5 days.
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