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Ouch! Ovary pains after ovulation?

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I'm having a horrible pain on my right side...I think it's an ovary pain? I'm now just a few days past ovulation, or so I thought. Could I either still be ovulating and just having this pain, or could it be that I'm pregnant (could only be 4 days pregnant max) or is it something else? Anyone know?
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how bad is the pain?

my usual ovulation pain is only a very precise pinpoint stabbing that lasts a few minutes and i miss if i ovulate in my sleep...

I'm not sure what it's like for other women... but i can always tell which side im ovulating from because of it!

There's a lot of things other than ovulation or pregnancy that can cause this pain, if it's severe or doesn't go away you really need to see your doctor about it.
I'm having quite a lot of it myself on the left and am hopeful. It isn't horrible pain for me, but definitely noticeable, on and off, but a lot on. I did have more of it the 2 times I got pg before. It even seems like I can feel it moving closer to my center (womb!)

I don't know anything about it beyond my experience.

Good wishes Mama!
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