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ouch! who's still nursing while pg?

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Hi...I'm newly pg (just found out yesterday) and still nursing my 27 mo. Anyone else in a similar situation? It is painful, but I'm committed to keeping nursing going as long as my DD would like.
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Hi, I am pregnant, and am nursing my 8-month old. I am not experiencing any pain yet, but my daughter has just gotten 2 teeth and is testing biting my nipple. Ouch! A woman from my 8-month old mothering board is having lots of pain.
ME too! But no pain yet. My Dr. just said up your calories-OK!!!

ETA:ds is 23 months
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I'm still nursing my 27 month old. Ideally I would like her to self wean in a few months. I was nursing her sister when I was pregnant with her and my milk dried up around 7 months of pregnancy. It was too painful to continue.
I am nursing my nearly-two-year-old and am also having some discomfort. I'm not sure yet if I plan to nurse throughout the pregnancy (and beyond). I had wanted to do CLW but now I am not so sure....
I am only 7 weeks and still nursing my 26 month old. So far no real pain. I have a history of severe MS so I am trying to wean him so during the day because I don't want it to be a horrible shock if I have to wean him quickly.

We are playing it by ear. I know that if the MS is like it has been in the past that I will not be able to continue nursing him. I am very upset by this as I KNOW he is no where near ready to wean himself. We will have to see how things go.
Not this time around, but I did my first few times. I'm really tired right now, but if you need some tips or a listening ear, let me know!
just found out and still nursing my 24.5 m.o., no pain at all yet. However, I have noticed a supply dip as he is all over me all the time.
I would like her to choose to stop, but she is an obsessive nurser so I don't know it that will happen. I don't under stand why this is an oxymoron. Do I just have pregnancy brain? Did I miss the joke?
My dd (30 mos) is still a champion nurser. No pain yet, but I am pretty irratible and it's getting annoying. I am going to do my best, however, to let her keep nursing as long as she needs to.
Well, while I'm sort of fresh this morning
here are my two pieces of advice that got me through nursing through 2 pregnancies.

1. Count. Ask your child "Should we count to 10 or 20 (or pick another number) and then nurse as long as you count.

2. The Milker Chair. We had one specific place where we nursed, a rocking chair in the bedroom. If they wanted to nurse, that's where we did it. So if they were playing and asked to nurse I would say "Let's go to the milker chair!" and sometimes it just wouldn't be worth it to them to stop and go. There was also eventually the "out of sight, out of mind" factor.

I also bribed shamelessly if I couldn't stand it, but I don't think that's to be recommended.
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I'm nursing a 16 month old and it's driving me crazy! It's painful, but mostly annoying. Since he's really only nursing to sleep, I just want to sleep, but he's now waking up several time's a night if he's not in my arms. He can be sleeping right next to me and he still wakes up crying because he wants to nurse. I'm feeling soooo
: and I wish I could just sleep. My oldest son self weaned at a little over age 1 and also transitioned into his own bed at the age of 1 1/2. I don't see this happening with my youngest, he wont even talk yet (except for "There it is" when we hide something). Ok, this has turned into a rant
of miscillaneous complaints...sorry

Hope you're all doing well!!!!




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I'm nursing my 17 month old millions of times per day (it feels like it!) and so far haven't noticed any changes. I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow and am not sore at all and my supply seems the same. I am really hoping it stays like this. I really don't want discomfort and I really, really, really don't want to loose my milk. I have planned on nursing atleast until age 2 and the baby is due when he is 25 months so tandeming just might be what happens
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I am nursing my 16 month old still. He loves nursing, especially at night. It seems like he nursed all night last night and it kind of got on my nerves.
My friend just told me I need to wean him because it's bad for me, him, and the baby. I thought people were able to nurse fine through pregnancies, at least until their supply dropped. I don't think ds is ready to wean and quite frankly I'm not ready to put him through that.
i just found out i'm PG and am nursing my 6 month old. OUCH is right!! it feels like she's biting me and pouring acid on my nipples every time she's latched on.
My 2yo is still nursing. No pain yet. I have nursed during my other pregnanices, and usually get uncomfortable at about 15-20 weeks. My babies usually wean during the pregnancy.
i just found out you lose your milk supply or it drops way low. is this totally true for everyone? i'm worried i'll have to give my baby formula which i don't want to do.
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