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Has enyone else experience this?
DS nurses at least twice daily, sometimes more, and I plan on allowing him to wean as he chooses.

However, since he turned three or so, I've noticed that his latch is very painful for me - sometimes just irritating, sometimes excruciating.

It's been very consistant and doesn't seem to change with repositioning or anything else.

I've been wondering if this is because he's grown and his mouth has gotten larger (hence larger then the areola and the suction is actually on the skin instead of the nipple) or if someone else has any advice/BTDT/experience?

He's a large child - 38 months, about 3.5 feet tall and 40 lbs.
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I haven't experience that as DS is just 18 months, but I can say that his latch has recently changed and he as also recently gone through a growth spurt, so it is possible that he has grown and his mouth is fitting differently. Hope it gets better soon!
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