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I just took my 13 week old on a road trip, where I nursed her in her car seat 2-3 times. It was uncomfortable on my nipple, so I insisted we stop for nursing after I tried it a few times. Now we are back home, and it is very painful to nurse dd on that side! I just had to switch her to the right because I couldn't take it, and my left side is still throbbing several minutes later.
I hope this passes quickly! I hope I don't get all engorged because I'm avoiding feeding her on that side. Ugh. I guess I just needed to whine to someone!
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Try to pump on that side while you're not nursing... to keep up the supply and avoid engorgement/ mastitis etc. Yeah the whole carseat thing s doesn't even work for us with a bottle and EBM, so I can't imagine... ouch!
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