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Toddler nursing has become PAINFUL. He wiggles all over, taking my poor nipple with him. His latch is lazy, he's really bad at night. It's super painful.

He's started this new thing where he goes *latch, suck suck, unlatch, latch on wrong suck suck* I pull him off and he latches right. it's painful.

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Any help? please...I'm getting close to weaning it's so painful.

Why is nursing him at this age so difficult? the first year was easy as could be...but after his 1st birthday it's been a nightmare.
Well, one thing I do when my toddler DS is wiggly is I hold my breast firmly so that he can't take it with him. That seems to make it a lot less painful.

Another thing I do sometimes is hold him like a little baby -- in a cradled position -- so he can't squirm all over. Sometimes that helps him relax.
I hold him cradled, he jerks his head around or does that lip smacking thing...the lip smacking thing is what is killing me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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