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We have 3 cats - a medium size orange tabby male and young adult sisters, one a gray and black tabby and the other a blue point Siamese. The male is self-confident, walks slow and thinks he owns the house. We call the girls twins and we have had them since kittens. They are very close. The tabby is loving and brave. The Siamease is a beautiful blue point and the softest kitty ever. She is almost blind. The cats and I lived in a big bedroom with a big closet and a big bathroom with two sinks where their food and water sat. They have a kitty door to our walled back yard. We also have a Golden Retriever Lab mix who gets along with everyone.

My son and DIL & grandbaby moved in with their hyper dog that chases cats. They got the big rooms and I moved into half of a small bedroom and share a small bathroom. My DIL does not like cats and doesn't want them in "their" rooms. Well the cats think the rooms are "their" rooms. The Simese got in somehow and was sleeping in the sink as usual and scared my DIL in the middle of the night.

The only thing I asked of my son and DIL was to be nice to the Siamese cat (because of her eyes). It has gone much better than I thought. Within a week hyper dog is sleeping with the cats. Our shy dog is being more social. The cats are still upset about their rooms and try to get in whenever they can. The hyper dog, a lab mix, can run and squeeze herself out the kitty door.
We have 5 adults, a baby, 3 cats, & 2 dogs in a 3 bedroom house!
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