Take a look at this gorgeous Spring collection.
We are obsessed with Copper Pearl. Aside from making high quality swaddle blankets and burp cloths that feel good on Baby's sensitive skin, their products are also absolutely stunning.

Just take a look at this gorgeous Spring collection.

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1. Newborn Top Knot Hat (Bloom) | $12.50 US

We adore these hats. Aside from being gorgeous, they are designed for Baby's comfort with super soft, breathable material that stretches on Baby's head. The adjustable knot makes this hat perfect for your newborn and can be adjusted as their little head grows bigger. The hat comes in different designs.

2. Premium Burp Cloths (Morgan) | $19.95 US

These gorgeous oversized burp cloths are made from 100% cotton front and back. The fleece layer absorbs Baby's spit and any food that doesn't make it to Baby's mouth.

3. Knit Swaddle Blanket (Whimsy) | $24.95 US

We absolutely love Copper Pearl's swaddle blankets! Made of a blend of polyester/rayon, these are so, so soft, you'll want one for yourself!

4. Multi-Use Cover (Caroline) | $24.95

This gorgeous cover is made of stretchy fabric that can cover most car seats, baby carriers, shopping cart, and high chairs. It can be wrapped around mama's neck and used as a breastfeeding cover.

5. Three-Layer Quilt (Wild) | $59.95 US

We're obsessed with these soft three-layer quilts. Available in many gorgeous patterns, they are made of a premium polyester/rayon blend so they're super comfy and have a bit of stretch. Your baby won't want to part with these gorgeous quilts and will probably continue to nap with them when they're toddlers.

6. Baby Bandana Bibs | $19.95 US

Spring has arrived and it's come in the form of colorful Copper Pearl bandana bibs. Made of 100% absorbent cotton in the front and 100% polyester fleece on the back, these will absorb all of Baby's drool. The adjustable straps make these bibs perfect for kids aged 3-36 months.