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Our baby boy is here!

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Our beautiful boy was born Wednesday morning in our bed. I've never been so thrilled and exhilarated. He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. He's 8lbs 5oz, 21" long, and has gorgeous round cheeks and a head full of blond hair (I'm rather astonished to have given birth to a blond boy! I thought if we had a boy his hair would be dark. Dunno why.). Nurses great, only lost 2 oz between birthweight and the MW visit, and now my milk is in (oh boy, is it EVER in!!!) so I think we'll be back on the upswing pretty quick! Will post the whole story on the other board, but will say now it was beautiful, no harder than I wanted it to be, and that I feel 10 feet tall (great feat for a 5'0" mum!!!).

Incidentally we didn't end up using the hypnobirthing in the conventional way, I was very active (NEEDED to move) and pretty noisy, but the training was unquestionably a huge factor in how confident and strong I felt through the whole thing.

For any singers reading, I found doing vocal excercises in my low register my way to tone and keep my jaw loose. It was amazing, as soon as I figured out I should be singing, I never stopped for the rest of my 8 hour labour. The MWs enjoyed it too.

happy day!
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ROBIN!!!! I had no clue you were here at MDC too!! we heard the news at PO, and I was anxiously awaiting hearing from you
If you haven't heard/seen the message - PO got hacked into so Mollee had to shut it down to get it fixed. Should be back up by Tuesday at the latest.
SUPER DUPER CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you decide on a name yet??
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Congrats, Robinna! Yeah! I'm so glad your birth was wonderful and that you have a beautiful baby boy!

I used HyB, too. But, I don't know what you mean by traditional sense. I never laid in bed listening to tapes during my labor. I was up talking & singing and marching.

Your singing sounds beautiful! Mine was more like roudy bar songs!

Congrats! Peace & love to your family. Enjoy your babymoon!
Congratulations, Robin!! (Another homebirther here
)Isn't it just the best thing to give birth to your baby in your own bed?! So, did he finally turn for you? (I know you were worried about him being posterior.) I'm so excited for you and can't wait to read your birth story.

(And hi to Kelly--so PO got hacked? Who would want to do that?! I've been going through major withdrawls.
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Ok too cool to find you guys here.
Waiting anxiously for PO to come back up, I know the rest of the September girls must have had their babies by now, and I really miss everybody! Funny how you can get so attached to people you've never seen in person, I never would've believed it before finding it myself.

Sparklin I don't really know - my DH is convinced that we didn't do the hypB because I never appeared to be "meditating" - so I certainly didn't fit his image of what was "supposed to happen"!!!Mind you we didn't do enough homework *together* for him to help me with it, so maybe it's actually that HE wasn't doing the HypB... myself I figure I was! Although from all the tapes we watched in the classes, what I was doing physically was NOTHING like. So anyway. It'll be interesting to see what our teacher has to say about it too.
I know that it was a major factor in what I was doing internally so regardless of what my beloved purist DH says, it seemed like a Hypb to me!

Yes, he did turn for me! On Saturday night before he was born. I actually thought we were getting going on Sunday afternoon, had about 6 hours of early labour but it stopped. I think when he turned it put the pressure into the right place and that started the dialation. Then there wasn't anything more until my water broke with an audible "pop" on Tuesday night while watching Bowling for Columbine of all things. I will get the story written up shortly, I want to do it while it's all still fresh in my mind.

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Robin, Kelly and Lilly HEY GUYS! It is Erin from over at as well. Small world eh

Robin I am so excited for you to have your son in your arms!

to the world
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Congratulations!!! Sounds like it was a great birth!
Robin~ Just wanted to say congats! Isn't such an amazing feeling you get after having a beautiful homebirth? I fely like I could take on the world (but my MW told me to take it easy LOL).

MomtoEmily&Lauren~ I just noticed our baby girls have the same birthday! Kind of cool. It must have been that full moon
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