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My precious baby, Steffany Keliya Estar, was born on July 31st, 2006
via c-section because of pregnancy complications. We were completely
shocked when she started having breathing problems and had to be
transported to the local children's hospital. They diagnosed her with
a TE Fistula and a cleft lip.

They also sent off for genetic testing.

After a successful Fistula surgery we were looking forward to her getting
better and coming home. We were devestated when the genetic testing
came back on Thursday, August 10th. It explained why she kept having
severe breathing issues even though the surgery was successful. They
had found she also had Trisomy 18 which is incompatible with life.

A good explanation of Trisomy 18 can be found here:

Steffany passed away on August 11th, 2006 at 9:42pm.
She was 11 days old.


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i am sorry you have lost your beautiful daughter. your story strikes me as a time in your life that is just the most wonderful and blessed, to have given birth to your baby, while at the same time, the worst time to have lost her after 11 short days.

i am crying with you, it is so hard to lose a baby! we don't know why our daughter died, but reason or no reason, it doesn't seem to matter- we will always love and remember and miss our babies who aren't with us. much love to you and your family as you go through this acutely painful time. i hope you have support, and i am glad you posted here. there are lots of moms here who know how you are feeling now, unfortunately.

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Joanell, I am so sorry your precious baby girl died. This is such a terrible thing. May the love and support of your family and friends, and the mothers here at MDC enfold you and carry you through this time of great sorrow.

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