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Our children's future in sports lies in the hands and knowledge of parents, coaches and themselves. All parents can use support to enhance and accelerate positive youth development experiences, including critical and life changing life lessons along the way. This site will periodically post powerful guidance based bits of knowledge for both parents and coaches who want kids to have enjoyable, fun and meaningful youth sporting experiences.

The first topic that will be covered will be "Keeping Children's Sports in Perspective"

We need to remind ourselves as to what we need to do to support our children's desire to play sports

  • Realizing and maintaining Perspective
  • Maintaining and practicing Patience
  • Reinforcing with Gratitude
  • Implementing our actions with our intentions

We need to remind ourselves of the reasons kids want to play sports:

  • To have fun and feel gratified
  • Be allowed to choose what sport he/she would like to excel in
  • Your child's deep desire to be encouraged by your involvement to improve their skills
  • To participate and be a part of a team
  • The excitement of competition
The following week will expand on the perspective-based topics above. :smile:

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I respectfully disagree with you.

When a child puts two night a week into some sort of practice and every Saturday into games... where is the family time? Where is the dinner hour? Where is homework time? When is it time "just to play"?

Sports are not the be all and end all. Not by any means. Also, they aren't free and you are turning your child over to coaches that you may or may not know very well. Yuck!
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