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Ellia Jayne Ryan Bishop (pronounced Ellie-ah)
August 21st, 2003
4:15 pm
7 lbs, 12 oz
19 inches long
Born at Home!

Our Birth Story

My water broke around 7/7:30 am, but contractions didn't really pick up for an hour or so later, after my doula and I went out for a short walk. From then on, they came every 2-3 mins, but I was only considered to be in early labour since I was only dialated to around 2. I was in and out of the birth tub, shower, using the birth ball, etc, all morning. My toddler son helped alot my rubbing my back, giving me hugs and some of the best kisses!! Things progressed this way until about 2 pm, when "active" labour kicked in (HA.. those previous 7 hours sure seemed active to me!).. I dialated from 2 to 10 in just under 2 hours.. I felt like giving up several times, it was so intense, but my hubby, my doula, and my midwife all helped to keep me grounded and focused on taking one contraction at a time.

At 4 pm, I was telling my midwife, Karen, that I need to push, really bad! By then, she was on the phone, trying to get ahold of our second midwife (usually 2 midwives attend every birth, one for the mother, and one comes later, for the baby), but there was no way Miss Ellia was going to wait for the second midwife to arrive! We had our water birth tub all set up, but Karen said we didn't even have time to get in, because all her supplies were in the other room. So we quickly got me set up on the bed, and I had the overwhelming desire to push. Karen tried to get me to slow down so that she could get set up, but I just couldn't stop! About 10 mins and 5 pushes later, Ellia was born. She had her cord wrapped around her neck AND tummy, but it was long enough to loop over her whole body. She cried immediately and pinked up right away, her apgars were 9 and 10!

Though it was very hard work, it was definately worth it to have her at home, with no doctors, hospital routines, IV's, drugs or stitches!
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