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A month ago I posted in vaccines about the nurse practioner I went to see for me and Kailey's physical. She was horrible and I was so disappointed in her sterility.

A few days ago I decided to get my knee checked out(I thought I had fluid build up and it was really painful), so I made an appointment with the same practice(so I wouldn't have to fill out paperwork) but requested another doctor besides the NP. I wan't to excited about seeing someone from the practice, but figured it was just for my kneee, so no big deal.

Well, her name is Dr. Robe and I assumed it was a man. But, I was wrong! She is AWESOME!!! She is from the north(can't remember what state) and the first thing she is said is- You're a yankee too! I was like- YES!!! So there was a little common bond there. She diagnosed me with hypertension due to my blood pressure and order a chest exray)I'll go tomorrow morning). The knee is fine now but she told me to give her a call if the swellen/pain returned.

Then I brought up my weight and how I was getting concerned with my new fatigue and weight related pain. She was really attentive and understanding, ,and she said after my blood work and chest exray comes back we will start work on a health plan. Turns out SHE used to weigh 300 pounds- so there is ANOTHER common thing!

I love this woman!!!
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