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Our raw diet experience

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So, Havoc has always been a dog where his diet very much effects his whole appearance and personality. When he was 13 mos, we found Innova and loved it!!! I stopped supplementing his diet, he looked fabulous and worked like a champ. He seldom shed, his coat was glowing black and soft.

Anyway, at about 9, the Innova wasn't working quite so well, so I began supplementing again, yogurt, eggs, oils, raw meat. His coat again improved but he was getting fat and no amount of limitting food seemed to help. At 10.5 I resigned myself that this was a previous working dog with muscle mass like a body builder--without the work, his body went to pot quicker than most (but his arthritis and a serious back injury really limitted the amount excercise and certainly the intensity)
At 11.5 I started doing more raw and found Innova EVO, big difference.
Now in the past 6 weeks I've moved to mostly raw, supplementing with EVO if I don't have quite enough meat or if didn't pick any dog meat up.
Havoc is now over 12 by a month, he's dropping some fat and yesterday when we visited my brother, we'd been there 30 minutes and John said "Ummm, When did Havoc get 5 yrs younger???"

I have a lot of knowledge of canine nutrition on my side. The last time I fed a home cooked diet though, there were so many rules--so many supplements and raw wasn't on the radar. I stopped feeding raw when I noticed I was spending so much time on the dogs that I was eating Kraft dinner instead of a healthy meal. I decided then that I had to draw a line, I found the best kibble and cost was no issue. Current research has made home feeding a dog SO much easier and having a product like EVO available to substitute when you can't do it removes any guilt factors.
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Our pup is thriving on Innova EVO (with a fish oil capsule drizzled over it once per day), but I'm trying to bring dp around to starting to add raw food, as well.....

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AFter starting raw this past October with my dog's cancer diagnosis, I think the dogs do look and seem better.

With early pregnancy, I can't stomach the raw food. I can't prepare it. I can't smell it (the veggies are what get me!) so I am about to move to the Innova EVO in the short term, but will go back to raw when I get over this pregnancy sickness. It makes sense to feed a dog the diet closest to what it would eat in nature.
Karen, just remember to add warm water to the EVO, I add a cup of water per cup of food--it's very dehydrated meat, especially if they've been used to eating regular meat, they may have reduced their drinking.
Thanks for the tip! I will be sure to do that. I have not gotten the food yet. I'll do it this week. I have to drive almost an hour to get it.

Originally Posted by PuppyFluffer
With early pregnancy, I can't stomach the raw food.-snip- (the veggies are what get me!)
If it is only the veggies that really bother you, don't feed them. Lots of people feed raw w/o veggies. Just an idea.
That's true Karen, the only veggies my guys get are in the EVO
well, it's the whole thing actually. The ground veggies get me the worst...but the smell of raw or cooking meat makes me gag too. If my dh cooks bacon in this house again.....I swear I'm moving out...but that's another thread!

I also can't stand the smell of the dried saliva in the dog bowls. I go to wash them and just gag. Pregnancy is such an alien experience!
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