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Our trip to the ER (better than expected)

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My 8 week old intact son had a high fever last night so we went to ER. I knew they would want to cath him and I told my DH (who is pro-circ) that if they wanted to retract him I would argue (just to prepare him).

The docs around here must be getting the memo on foreskin care. The nurse comes in w/ the cath and I ask her for a bag as my son is not circumcised and his foreskin cannot be retracted. She was confused and got the doc. The doc agree that "they don't foricably retract anymore". I did agree to the cath, but I am the only one that handled his penis. I opened the foreskin just a few milimeters (there was no resistance) and the cath went right in. It was silly really because he didn't pee until a few hours later when they gave up on the cath and bagged him. *rolleyes* I can't believe people actually yank the foreskin back, how painful!

The nurse asked me if he was going to be circed and I said NO, NEVER. Unless he decides to when he is an adult. She then asked me if I was in healthcare (nope, SAHM and retired accountant) because I knew so much about foreskins and care of his penis. I just said I was well versed on the issue of circumcision and care of the intacted penis.

So thanks for training me on what to expect that ER visit. I am always on the defensive when it comes to his foreskin but thank goddess have had non-ignorant doctors around him.
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Hope your little guy gets better soon! And yeah for the doc and being informed (this is my biggest worry if we have a son!)
Yay you for being so informed, and I'm happy to hear they weren't retraction-happy! Sounds like you might have raised some consciousness, too.

I hope your little guy is doing better. Did they figure out a cause for the high fever?

(Not that it's necessarily any consolation, but you may be interested to know that research shows that babies who get a high fever during their first year of life are less prone to asthma and allergies later. It primes the immune system. Just keep nursing, nursing,'s so not fun when they're sick!!)
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Hope your little guy is feeling better. Scary when they get sick. It is good to hear a that some health Care workers actually know about intact here I was begining to think there wasnt any around.
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