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The past 6 months or so as my oldest neared 6 and we moved somewhere they could go outside alone, and we have a 5 yo neighbor whose house they play at, I have had to deal with my kids growing up and realizing that I am not always going to be directly involved in everything they do.<br><br>
They spend anywhere from 30 min to a couple of hours next door almost everyday. I also spend time talking to the neighbors, we cook out together, sit and chat, but not nearly as often as my kids are there. They also spend lots of time on thier bikes and just walking down our block, for the most part they have to stay where I can see them-our dead end block and down the corner to the south- but if they ask I will wait out on the porch while they go around the block.<br><br>
From two kids who have pretty much been in the same room with me, and at least the same house, to having them out of my line of sight for some time almost every day, has been a little strange.<br><br>
Today I was telling them they need to stay out of the driveway at the end of the block to the south. I knew someone had moved in there, but it hadn't occured to me that I probably needed to tell the boys not to ride there anymore until dh went to get his hair cut and it is the haircuttters mom's house, she wasn't really upset, just mentioned it.<br><br>
And ds said, "How come you always know what we are doing?"
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