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Out of curiosity...

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Would bf immunities apply also to things like poison ivy? I was just wondering, especially since my worst patch of poison ivy was all over my right breast--pretty close to the milk factory. :LOL Does my body make anti-bodies for poison ivy, and would my baby have got them, and would they have any benefit to him?
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Interesting question and I have no idea.

Your babe may be okay for now though. From what I understand it often (always?) takes multiple exposures to have a reaction to poison ivy. DH was around it all the time growing up but never had a reaction until a couple of years ago.
I don't have any personal experience with this, but I do remember a great article in Mothering (the magazie) not to long ago.

Here'sthe link:

Good luck with your "angry itch"
I would watch the movement of your rash, if it gets on your nipple or part the baby latches on to he/she can get it is what the LLL answer book says... be carful~!!
It didn't get to my nipples (Thank God!). And baby doesn't seem to have gotten it.

It started healing up the last couple of days. I was just curious.
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