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Out of Town Working

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I'm newly married with a 6 yo from my previous marraige. My new husband was recently laid off and is finding it very impossible to find a job in our area. (If you're curious, he's in IT and we live in CO). Based on the need to (possibly) move out of state and because of some very serious concerns I have about my dd's dad, we decided to do a custody evaluation.

Well, it looks like the "advocate" assigned to do our study will recommend that my dd not leave the state. This puts us in a wierd situation. Also, I work (have my own business), but in no way can I support our family, even on our shoestring budget. We live in a 2 bedroom condo, both own old cars, don't have cable, go to public school etc... dh is still looking for a job, but looking outside of the state and the US too! My question is, how does that work to have a long distance during the week home on the weekends relationship? What are the pros? What are the cons? How long can we keep it up, realistically? Can anyone give me some advice and input?

Thanks in advance.
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We are doing this right now, and have been for about 5 months. It is extremely difficult on everyone, but that is also partly because we also don't have our own place. My dh stays with hsi sister during the week (sleeping on the livingroom floor), and the kids and I are staying with my sister- all sharing her bedroom. It's hard for me to not only not get a break from the kids, but also to not have that connection with my husband on a daily basis. The weekends feel rushed, and are always too short, and the weeks feel way too long. Of course, your situation is a little different- you have only oen child, your child is in school (we homeschool), and you have your own place.
Even so, I wouldn't recommend doing it if you can find another way around it.
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