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outgrowing scenera?

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We have a scenera as our back-up/travel seat. It's currently installed in my in-laws car (used 1x/month about) and we use it on planes. We use True Fit Premiere as our main seat and we're no where near outgrowing it. He's still RFing.


2.5 years old

32 lbs

just a hair below 36" tall

In the TFP he's very cozy RFing. According to the CS manual, he's outgrown it RFing by height but not FFing.

A few questions/concerns:

- I don't have the seat in front of me so I can't see where the straps fit his shoulders or where his head hits, but is there a place his head needs to be under (i.e. top of the shell) or do I just need to worry about the height limits and straps being at or above shoulders FFing?

- I don't want to FF him, especially since he'll still be RFing for a few more lbs with us (hoping to get to 3 in the TFP and I don't want him to even KNOW that kids can ride FFing because he's so totally fine RFing in our car.)

-Is there another seat I could buy that would last us a few years that is lightweight to travel? I'm pissed I bought this seat in the first place if I have to turn him FFing at 2.5 years.

- One other concern, there car is very hard to install, it has a center belt that is too loose and the side shoulder/lap belts don't retract so we use the locking clip. No latch, VERY old car. Will I even be able to install FFing, I don't remember if they have top tether anchors or not.

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Forward-facing, the straps must be above the shoulders and the tops of the ears below the top of the shell.

Rear-facing, there must be 1" of shell above the head. I realize the Cosco Scenera manual states a 36" maximum for rear-facing. I cannot advise you to disregard the manual, but I will tell you that many techs and advocates ARE comfortable with rear-facing above the stated limits as long as there is 1" of shell above the head.

If you do forward-face, you should have top tether anchors installed. What is the year/make/model of the vehicle?
It's a 1989 Volvo. Would they be on the back of the seats or in the hatchback? How do I know that they are tethers and not just random hooks that wouldn't support weight in a crash? If they are not there, is there any way to get from a higher limit RF convertible to a booster that doesn't need them, if such a thing exists?? Or will we have to install them for any seat he moved up to.

Thank you so much!
There are no tether anchors installed in a 1989 Volvo. If you give me the model, I will look up the parts you need to order from the dealership.
Thanks! I'll ask my FIL the exact model. So I may be able to make it a bit longer RFing if I go by shell height, though he's close. I really don't want to do FFing in that seat, but honestly my RFing install has never been that great anyway. The seats are bumpy and weirdly sloped.

Do the dealerships install the tethers for free or does it cost a lot?

Thanks for all your help.
The model of the Volvo is 740, 1989.
You need part # 6812131, "Tether Hook Kit". There are three 8mm weld nuts: two outboard on the back of the seat and one center in the cargo area. They currently have plastic screws in them, and those screws need to be removed and the anchors bolted in. You can do it yourself if you're moderately handy and have decent arm strength, or it shouldn't be more than a half-hour labor for all three at the dealership. Some dealerships do it for free. I don't know if Volvo is one of them.
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