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OV/conception date= gender prediction-- true??

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So, I've read and heard about the possibilities of enhancing male/female conception depending on when on your cycle you BD/conceived. True? False?

We have hopes for a boy, but according to the info we have more chances of a girl. Of course, I know, only peeking would tell for sure.

But just for show, who found it to be true or not?
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Not me. With my son it said I had a 90% chance of having a girl... needless we were a tad bit surprized when they said "it's a boy!".

The chinese calender also said it was a girl... I dont really go by those things now...

Originally Posted by Ltlfaery View Post
Of course, I know, only peeking would tell for sure.
Just to be nitpicky
.... even peeking isn't 100%. My cousin was told she was having a girl, bought all girly stuff... Alexander is now a strapping boy of 11 who no one would mistake for a girl!
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When we got pregnant with my dd we BDed the day after I Ovulated. According to the theory she was supposed to be a boy. Didn't work out that way.
Well, I'm kinda glad to know there's chances of a boy. LOL. Only time will tell. Though I know DD would love a little sis too!
Not in your EDD but DH and I DTD on Saturday and I *know* that I OV on Monday and we did end up w/ a girl!!!
DH and I did the BD on Saturday and I ovulated either Tuesday night or we're thinking a girl is more likely this time, but we'll wait and see what October brings.......Frankly I'm shocked there was anything alive still by the time I ovulated!
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