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OV doublers & flats

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Where is the best place to get OV doublers? Is there such a thing as flats in OV? Would that work? It just sounds wonderful and a cheaper, simpler alternative to OV fitteds. If there is a place that keeps OV doublers &/or flats in stock at a good price would be great. Thanks!
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Hi Mollyred,
I was wondering this also, although I would love an OV prefold. I hope someone knows.
I also couldn't help but notice that you are from Mississippi like me!!
I don't think there are many cloth diapering people down here, so it is great to meet you!!!
See less See more --Lindsey has OV prefolds, organic flats, OV doublers, all in the 'build your own' section.
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Angelica I LOVE that link!!!
SO wonderful!!! Thank you!!!
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Thanks ladies! Mooky it is great to meet you, too.
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