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OV Loveybums - oh my!!!!

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I got one nb/sm OV fitted when Loveybums stocked on the 1st (and a cover) so I would have a nice set of 3 for the baby. It came yesterday - OH MY GOODNESS!

Its organic long velour outer with short inner and soo, soo, soft and squishy! I wish I had gotten more - there were like 4 instock when I got it and I only got one
: Now, of course, they are all gone.

I just love this diaper - its got to be the most comfortable thing around for a tiny new baby!
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It has to be the softest diaper ever! I am sooooo ticked at myself I didn't get at least two!
Arent' they so fabulous!! I wish I had got more than 2!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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