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OV/OC prefolds...who has them? Spark...Sustainer

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So where can I get OC with OV against the babes bum?
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Funny~ I was just thinking about ov prefolds the other day! Thanks for reminding me
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See, Sustainer is really the QUEEN of OC/OV PFs... I'm just some kind of OC/OV PF Court Jester! :LOL

My FAVORITE one (and I've tried a lot... harder to find the OV) are from Shandelle at Funny Farm Creations. She'll probably make them however you want, but the one I have from her is OC and then one ENTIRE side is OV. It's like heaven on CC's bum.

A word to the wise: OC PFs are all SO different. Some just aren't absorbant enough, some don't pin, some don't snappi, some are long to dry. They're just each REALLy different! So, it's a good idea to ask lots of questions to the maker and to others that have tried them. there are some OC PFs out there that I WISH I could have gone back and not spent the big bucks on. but, once you find your perfect PF... it's all worth it.
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Keep in mind that unless the pf is made with ov on both sides your baby's bottom will only be partially covered by ov because of the nature of how pfs are folded.
BUT if you get oneo f Lindsey's (at it is sew organic, see link above) quick-dry prefolds with the soaker flap not attached, and it's topped with OV, then YES YES YES the whole soaker zone is all OV, with very little non-OV parts of the diaper touching baby.
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