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Over active let-down?

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My little guy had been nursing fine for the past little while (he's 2 months old). Except for the fact that the past 2-3 weeks he always has a choking spell during a feeding. It is as if he is getting way too much milk at once. When I pull out, there is no spraying or anything to indicate that I have OAL. He will often choke and throw up large amounts of milk.

He has pretty much always had green stool, and has been rapidly gaining weight each week. Both of which a friend told me may be indications of OAL.

But he is not fussy, or overly gassy. Do you think it could be OAL?
I don't eat/drink dairy.

Any other suggestions to eliminate the choking? I try to nurse him in a postion to make the milk flow up if possible but with a little guy it's not too easy
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My ds always seems to choke while nursing. My dd never did that. My ds is a slow, bit at a time eater though. I don't have OAL but any letdown seems to make him choke. I think it's just him. He also seems to doze off while nursing and wakes up spluttering because I guess milk has poured down his throat. I guess it's a learning process for them - they're learning to suck, swallow and breathe.

About the throwing up, I'd try to burp him more frequently.
my babies both choked and spluttered at the breast and I don't think it was true oal. I think like the pp said, sometimes they just haven't coordinated all their sucking, swallowing and breathing. And if he's doing that, he might be getting a bit of extra air, too, which could cause the spitting up if there's milk on top of the air bubble. I would often take the baby off the breast when they choked and let them breathe a bit, burp them and then start over. HTH!
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