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overactive thyroid postpartum?

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I've recently been told I have an "overactive thyroid". My dd is 10 months old and I just wanted to see how my iron level was and the Dr. checked my thyroid as well. So far I've had a thyroid ultrasound & am scheduled for a scan of a .4mm "spot" to see if its producing anything?????

I've had my thyroid levels checked via bloodwork twice and on the followup one level was back to normal and the other had gone in the right direction, but not normal yet. Another few weeks it will be checked again.

Sorry to ramble, but I was wondering if anyone thought this could be the type from post partum? I really had no symptoms to indicate anything was going on.

Any other info would be welcomed! Thanks!
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I believe I read about 8% of pregnancies result in this, but I was hoping if someone had it occur post partum if they had symptons, did it go away on its own etc. I tried searching online, but stuff seemed pretty vague to me. I really had no trouble losing post baby weight and I had a appetite that wouldn't quit, though I blamed that on nursing. Its funny though, I seem to be gaining some weight in the past few months and the numbers seem to be improving. I was kinda ok with the weight loss though! LOL
once you have had thyroid problems, it is good to have your levels checked periodically just to keep an eye on them

I became hyperthyroid during my pregnancy with my ds...I found a great endocrinologist and she kept a close eye on my levels (which were undetectable at times...yikes!!) and we managed to avoid meds throughout my pregnancy. My levels returned to normal about 2 months pp and have been normal ever since...

...until now.

Now my thyroid is absolutely huge and my levels are off again. I went for an ultrasound of my thyroid and it is normal...but really enlarged. I am off to the endocrinologist again the first week of may to get it all figured out.

I had no idea it would come back. I guess I just figured it was a pregnancy thing.
Thank you thats good to know I should continue to monitor it. Well hopefully after my scan I'll know more. I have not seen an endo... just yet, but depending on what the scan shows I may need to. Hopefully it will all just go back to normal w/out meds etc.
I really had no trouble losing post baby weight and I had a appetite that wouldn't quit
What I would give to have that 'problem'!
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