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I have noticed over the past month (I am about 29 weeks) some nipple crust, and some colostrum will seep out if i squeeze my breast.

but this morning i woke up and my nipples were so cold! I realized that there were wet circles on my shirt.
DP found this very amusing. When I looked at my nipples, they were exceptionally "goopy"

then i dared to squeeze one... barely even pressing on my breast caused a quick flow. This is my first pregnancy so bear with me here... :LOL
I gave it a real good squeeze and whoa!
I needed a small towel... meanwhile DP is sitting there half awake...wondering what in the world is going on with me and my breasts :LOL

now i am afraid that i will have this little obsession with squeezing my breasts just to watch it flow!
: Is this the point where I run and get a nursing bra?? I stay at home most of the time so i'm not HUGELY worried... but still. And also, my breasts are quite small (even with their lovely new enhancement
) and the nursing bras i usually see look huge... well i never tried one on, so maybe they just LOOK big with the extra padding? there colostrum ettiquette? :LOL

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I haven't run into this problem yet, but I would probably just use breast pads. If you're at home most of the time and don't want to get breast pads, I've heard that folded-up washcloths or handkerchiefs work just as well.

As for nursing bras, I got a few that don't have the flap that folds down. Instead, they're made of cotton and lycra (or was that spandex?) and it's a criss-cross design so that you can pull one entire side down to expose the breast for nursing. It feels really comfortable, like a sports bra, and it was only about $12. The ones I got are Warner's, I got them at Wal-Mart, and they're labeled "Sleep" (I guess for night-time nursing), but I don't see why I can't also wear them during the day.

One thing I've read about breast pads/washcloths/handkerchiefs is that they can stick to the nipple when the colostrum or milk dries. If that happens, I've read that it's best not to just pull it off, but to run warm water over it so that the colostrum/milk dissolves and the fabric will detach on its own.

Congratulations on the colostrum! I wonder when mine will come in? I'm at 35 weeks now.
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