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overseas trip with 16mo-old

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Has anyone here traveled abroad with a toddler? We're planning a trip to India with our dd who will be 16 mo when we go. I'm trying to decide many things, such as whether to bring cloth diapers, tips for the long flights & things that can make her jetlag easier, etc.

Any/all feedback about overseas travel with a toddler is welcome!
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Whew! Where to begin...

If you don't mind washing CD in cold water by hand, do CD. If not, find out availability of sposies.

Nothing can make jetlag easier IMO. I try to keep their regular sleep schedule on the flight and then adjust once we arrive. Toys. LOTS of snacks. Ask for bulkhead when you checkin... more space to play on the floor.

I'm sure missing a lot.
i was thinking I'd bring a few pocket diapers for nighttime, since I've heard that disposables in India are not very absorbent. the pocket diapers we have are easy to wash and dry fast. otherwise i was considering buying indian disposables for the daytime.
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