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Ovulating after a miscarriage (nursing mama)

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I had a miscarriage in January. My cycle started up again in March. They have been somewhat regular but not as heavy. I don't seem to have the CM I remember having. I am still nursing #2. Not much (only at night a little). I got pregnant while nursing him a whole lot more.

Is it possible that I am not ovulating after the miscarriage, either because of the nursing, or not?

I am trying to take my temps but keep forgetting.

I will take OPK but know that they predict ovulation, not confirm that it has happened.


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First, I am so sorry for your loss.

I don't have much info in terms of o-ing after m/c, but I would be anxious to know. I did start to take my temps once the bleeding stopped because I'm anal that way. I haven't been really great about taking them at the same time, but I have been temping for awhile and know my basic body patterns. A long way of saying I would chart your temps as best you can because that is the best way of knowing. OPK are good, but you caan get false results and can't be 100% sure you o'd despite the tests saying you will.
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