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Ovulation = More posting on MDC?

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It occurs to me that my post count seems to go up significantly during my fertile phase.
DH and I are TTA right now, but I DESPERATELY want to be TTC -- to the point where I'm consumed by it when my body is gearing up to ovulate each cycle. Not surprisingly, I end up in the Fertility boards lurking (a.k.a. researching), reading, responding, etc. much more often than during other phases of my cycle. It's just interesting to see a correlation between your hormones and posting activity.

Anyone else notice this?
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I haven't noticed that myself (I'm pretty much an all-cycle MDC addict
), but it's neat and it doesn't surprise me that you experience such a regular fluxuation.

Good luck TTA and may you be able to TTC soon!
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My post count goes up on the TTC boards after I ovulate. That is because I am obsessing in the 2ww and am looking for others to obsess with me.
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I notice it, I'm the same way! I've been a MDC member since 2003 and most of the time I lurk, and read and research, but for some reason around O time I am much more chatty, and not just on the fertility forums, but others as well. I notice the same pattern on another board I frequent.

I'm not sure why that is, but maybe for me it's because when I have PMS I have usually nothing good to say about anything, so I just keep my mouth shut (j/k I'm not that bad...well...maybe some months
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Hi ladies,

Joining you there, it happened to me too. I lurked on this board during the ovulation time to checks other how the are doing.

In one word i am obsessed (sp) !
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Ah, so good to know I'm not alone!

While I've definitely been here every day since O last week, I have not been anywhere near as obsessed. This month was rough -- Lady Estrogen took me on a crazy baby-fever trip! I certainly still have the fever, but the obsessive throughts are much less now that I'm in my LP. Whew.

I can't even imagine what it will be like when we start TTC! Good point, Pycelan -- I'm sure I'll be adding wildly to my post count during the tww.

My best to everyone!
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