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I have a quick question and I think I know the answer, but just want someone else to clarify.

I am experiencing my first ovulation after my recent miscarriage... I had a positive OPK last Friday, then negative up until yesterday and then the OPK looked almost positive, but still questionable yesterday. This morning it's very obviously positive. In addition, I am experiencing O pains today... if we are not able to DTD until tonight, how much do my chances of catching the egg diminish? Usually if I have O pains, I O within hours of those pains and then they are gone... thus, I am sure that by this evening my egg will have already released.

Unfortunately we dtd last night, but my DH had this wacky idea to pull out.
: I think he was hoping for a second time, but then didn't follow thorugh completely, so I feel like we have lost our chance this month. After recently experience a pregnancy loss, I would like to conceive as quickly as possible. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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