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i thought i was safe.

all my kids got sick over the weekend, one kid with a cough, two with brief fevers and snotty noses... a housemate with a little of both. it's winding down for all of them now, and as of yet, i hadn't gotten sick.

then last night i wake up like OW PAIN!!!! MY FREAKING EAR!!! i had a headache on top of it. and a swollen gland on one side of my neck. now i'm feeling like i'm developing a cough. CRUD!

i'm going to the doctor later to have my ear looked at. it hurt so bad, it feels like i injured it. but to be honest, i haven't had an earache in ages, and i hear they hurt like hell anyway.

i need sympathy. i'm a single mommy and i have no one to baby me when i'm sick.
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