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Oh ouch- that must be painful for you!

I'm totally just throwing out some ideas here- thrush is definitely a possibility, especially if you had an open sore there for a while. It is possible to have thrush without the baby showing any signs of it (but still treat the baby- some babies are so healthy that they fight it well enough that you don't see it in their mouths but it is still there). Although I've never heard of it on one nipple only, it could just be that b/c of the blister/sore you are feeling it more there (hence treat both nipples). Also a big milk supply can make thrush worse b/c the breast is more likely to leak and not let the nipple dry completely and breastmilk is wonderful food for thrush too.

You could try treating it as thrush to see if the pain gets better. Acidophilous, grapefruit seed extract, and gentian violet can all be bought over the counter. I know one LLL leader who also suggests that a twice-daily rinse with a weak vinegar and water solution can really help as well (thrush cannot survive in an acidic environment, so the vinegar can help kill it and is not harmful to the baby or you!).

If possible, leave your bra off- even if it isn't thrush it could help the healing of the blister.

Good luck- I hope that your pain is gone soon!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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