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I'm such a whiner. It seems that's all i'm doing lately. Yesterday, after feeling bad about not going early...(big deal, what was I thinking?), my body decided to give me a case of "hemmorhoids from hell". It hurts SO much. I can't sit, it's irritated by walking, there's nothing comfortable. It SUCKS.

I'm NOT constipated, I eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables and am VERY regular with bowel movements. So what's up???? Can't I just enjoy the last few weeks of my last pregnancy? Is it too much to ask?

Oh well. Anything you gals can suggest to help ease this? I'm going to be moistening a mama pad and freezing it, to help with that. But this is so icky! And dh just doesn't understand why I don't want to be frisky with him.... geez...
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Hi Sunshine-
hot baths- don't worry the babe will be here soon and then your husband can't have you for weeks.
which hazel on makeup pads every time you go finish with one of these.

it will be handy after birth tooo

you can find it at any health food store or pharmacy
Get some of those cotton rounds( like cotton balls but flat) and moisten with witch hazel. Pop them in a ziploc and put in the freezer ( or fridge if you would prefer).

This was a life saver for me when suddenly my rectum blossomed into a many petaled flower! :LOL

The witch hazel helps with the swelling- and hot mineral baths helped too.

I feel for you- I hope that you feel better!
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How about homeopathy? I found witch hazel to not work for me. Rather a joke actually. After the perfect birth of ds I got 'em.
Some people are just predisposed to varicose veins and their cousin (hemroids) during pregnancy.
I would try homeopathy and sitz baths, but for the immediate pain why not pick up a bottle of dermaplast (sp?)~ the first aid spray stuff that is excellent at temporarily numbing exposed tissue... it is especially helpful for postpartum pains assosiated w/ tearing, hematomas, episiotimies, and hemroids.

Thanks for the link! I found something that should help. I too am a believer in homeopathic meds. I did a search for other irratations(swelling, hemmorhoids, etc) I have, and they all can be treated by the one kind!!
So I'll be off to the pharmacy shortly and get this taken care of.

Ladies, i'll try witchhazel if the homeopathic doesn't work. And I'll pick up tha spray sound slike a good plan!
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