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pail and detergent survey

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Hi all, I am just so lost as to what to get for a diaper pail and what detergent, I notice that everyone uses everything from the free and clear detergents to sensiclean. I would just like to see if there is something that is more of general consensus and also if I should get a special pail or use a rubbermaid. I am planning on dry pailing.

thanks for your help!

Ava 11/22/03
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We just use a diaper champ because we received one in a shower. However, if I were to purchase one, I would get something with a larger opening in the top.

As for detergent, we just use regular old Tide!
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I'm using a Sterillite pail (one-touch to open the top) and
it. Got it at Target at $11 I think. It's 13 Gal and holds 3-day worth of prefolds and wipes.

If I could purchase again, I probably will go with the same size pail, but with step instead. That way I can keep my hands free. I think Rubbermaid has one of those pail at Walmart.
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I have the bunny pail. you know, the white one with a space for a deodisk in the lid? It's abnout a 3 gallon. I had a foot pedal garbage can too, but I broke the foot pedal this morning, so it is no more.
As for detergent, I use store brand perfume free detergent.
I use a rubbermaid kitchen trashcan with a push botton flip top
And Tide
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High 5, Jyanla! I'm using a Sterilite pail with a touch-to-open lid, too.

I am thinking about getting a pail with the foot thingie on it. Even though I keep my left hand on my baby girl, I have to lean down to open the pail. It would be a tad easier to have a lid which is foot operated.

As for detergent, I use Tide.
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I too use the sterilite with the touch lid. Where would I find a bunny pail? I like the idea of haveing a place for the deo disk. I currently tape one to the top inside of the lid but it always falls down.

I use regular Tide
I have a 54 qt pail that I think I got from Babies Under Wraps.

I alternate between Bi-o-kleen, my homemade detergent, sun and earth and all free and
i use the target can too (although i got mine at walmart!!

i use costco brand detergent

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We have that same sterlite container. I think it was like $8 on sale. We have 2 actually (we do wet pail)

Detergent...Tide Free, sometimes Bi-o-Kleen
Same sterlite can for us and we use Era detergent.
Wow popular pail...I use the sterlite also and go back and forth between regular tide and sportswash for detergent.
Where would I find a bunny pail?
Um, I bought mine at WalMart. I think that it cost me all of $5.
Apparently they sell it at TRU and BRU too. I found it online, but everyone is charging $15 for it, which is a bit of rip off. It is just the plain white pail, with a bunny on it. Made by Elfe.

I am going to go buy a new one today. I am a bit bitter at my foot-pedal can.
Is the bunny pail with the garbage cans? Or with the baby stuff?
It's in with the baby stuff. It should be right around the other diaper pails.
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