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Pail liner suggestion for you!

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I was at IKEA last weekend, and picked up a bag that's designed for laundry but works great as a pail liner. I think it's called a Grubb bag. They're only $2.99, and made of 100% nylon, just like other totes. The downside is that they only come in three colors: orange, gray, and white.

They work well! And at that price, you can get several!
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I saw it too. The only problem is that it only comes one size. I'm using a tall pail (13 gal I think) and it is too small for me. But if you are using a smaller pail, yes, it is great liner. Thick (heavy duty) and waterproof. I hope they had a larger one.
True -- it won't work for a huge pail. But it might make a good wet bag.
Funny, i never read this thread before. I have two of those nylon bags that i use as liners. They fit my pail perfectly.

there is a downside. The metal grommets on them will start to rust. ie. rust stains on diapers of the laundry sits in the washer for a bit before going on the line/dryer.
I have a tiny rust stain on one diaper from this. Plus, although nylon, they are not waterproof. They never were, even when new. They have not been treated with any sort of waterproofing. But, for me this inst an issue. I just want something in my pail to keep the solids off the inside of my pail. Works like a charm, but you couldnt use it as a wet bag.

I like mine, and the price os right. Whan I get the cash, is like to replace them with WAHM ones.

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I have posted about this Ikea nylon bag before - that's what I have and it works perfectly (not to mention the price, of course
) It holds 3 days worth of diapers pretty well
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How does this bag do at holding odors? That's my husband's biggest worry (I've assured him that breastfed poop won't smell much, but the diaper pail will be just a few feet from our bed so he's worried about the smell!)

EDD 10/17/03
IMO, no liner will hold the smell. It's the pail. You'll need a pail with seal lid. I am using a steril plastic waste can that I bought from Target. It has a sealed lid. Works great. No odor at all when it's closed. Those step waste can is also good, because it will keep your hands free.
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