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pail liner?

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where can I get a pail liner that actually holds the stink in? I've been using those Ozark ditty wetbags but just realized that while water resistant they are breathable.
: Or shall I say, not-breathable since the fumes coming from the inside of my daiper pail just about knocked me over.

So do bummis wet bags actually keep the stink in when used as pail liners? I prefer an 8gallon size pail (not too big) so will the large fit in an 8 gallon pail?
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I have the x-large Bummis tote that I use as a pail liner - I never have a problem with the smell. A large will work in an 8 gallon pail. I also have an air freshener stick up thing in the bottom of my pail so when I pull the liner out, the pail gets a bit of a freshening up. I usually wash my liner about every third diaper wash day.

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