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so i have had 2 new things happen this week that never happened with pg #1. and i will be contacting my midwife this weekend but wanted to find out if anyone has experienced this...

#1: numbness on the side of my right thigh. and not up where it meets the hip. i have that before when i sleep too long on one side. this is about mid thigh and it is accompanied by a burning pain.

#2: yesterday i was sitting on the couch and all i did was bend my knee back and it felt like i pinched a nerve where my left leg joins the hip bone. it was so painful to stand up. i walked around for a minute then tried to do a squat to see if i could stretch it out (not knowing what i had done) and i got stuck! dh had to help me up. it has gotten better as i walk around but it still hurts.

anyway, has anyone had this happen before?
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